This site provides step-by-step tutorials for jamovi. There are three main sections:

  • Loading and preparing your data (chapter 1)
  • Creating descriptive analyses and graphs (chapter 2)
  • Performing statistical analyses (chapter 3, 4, 5)

Intended readers are:

1: Students who need to analyse data and who gets statistical supervision/training from elsewhere
2: Anyone who already uses another statistical software but want to get started using jamovi

Note that this guide only shows how to do analyses with jamovi, it is not a tutorial on prerequisites or interpretations of statistical tests. For that purpose there is plenty of other literature. One example is learning statistics with jamovi (2018) by Navarro och Foxcroft, which is a comprehensive statistics book using jamovi. Currently (April 2019) it is available for free online.

Download jamovi at www.jamovi.org

Comments and questions are very welcome. Contact me at jonas.rafi <at> psychology.su or at github.


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